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About Eva Zinger Jewelry

Eva and Adi Zinger, with over thirty years of experience in the jewelry field and twenty years in custom diamond production, invite you, the jewelry enthusiasts, to explore a collection of antique jewelry from around the world. Our collection includes gold, silver, pearls, gemstones, and diamonds of various grades to suit every budget.

We firmly believe that everyone, regardless of their budget or social class, can find a piece of jewelry that reflects their personal style, without compromising on the unique level of finish and appearance.

We are delighted to serve you both at our boutique store in Netanya/Beit Yitzhak and at the diamond exchange in Ramat Gan. We are committed to providing a professional, efficient, and personalized response to your desires, ensuring an uncompromising level of service and shopping experience."


What we do

In addition, we have at our disposal a workshop and professionals specializing in goldsmithing, inlaying, braiding and performing all types of repairs: